Stuck in the Same Old Loop

Him: I’m just not looking for anything serious right now. I’m on a journey of growth to be the man I need to be. I just can’t settle down until I sort my stuff out. Not the insightful stuff like my deeply embedded commitment issues, more like a career and house that gives the illusion that I’ve got my shit together. That real soul-searching stuff.


Me: Wow, how deep and enlightened you are. I can totally handle a casual non-labelled thing. That is until I’m in too far and begin to realise that you will never sort your “stuff out” (whatever that means).  To then go crazy with feelings of instability and insecure thoughts that in turn spiral into a painful rage which forces ‘us’ to an end. Leaving me alone. Once again. In a pool of self-pity and hurt.

#Everytime #WhenWillILearn? #PatternsRepeating

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